FCE started in 2001 with a school for the surrounding villages. Today this school is a highly effective academic school. The teachers are dedicated Christ centred teachers.
The Koti ni Eden Staff School was originally started to disciple and educate the children of FCE missionaries. In its earlier years, the school went up to grade 9. However, more recently the Koti ni Eden CTC has developed and expanded to accommodate the  missionaries' children from grades 4-9 alongside the children from the local community.
As the work of FCE expanded to foreign nations, especially into Africa, it became increasingly obvious that many who wanted to enroll for FCE courses were unable to do so, as their command of the English Language (the medium of instruction) was not good enough.  In March 2004 the first ELLS course was presented.


Jesus Christ making disciples through us, by building a highway of holiness through education and training.

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15 January - 23 March | Wolseley, South Africa

2 April - 1 June | Wolseley, South Africa

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8 July - 24 August | Wolseley, South Africa

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