The schooling of children in rural areas has been neglected for many years.  Many children are unable to receive even a basic education.  FCE initiated a community based project where parents assist with the building of a Community Training Centre, consisting of classrooms and other facilities.  FCE in turn provides training material and teachers. The Koti ni Eden School was opened in March 2002. It is now thirteen years later and they have moved into more permanent classrooms, built with funds from a church group in Australia.  Jean-Vion Banza, the principal of the school, is an ex-student of FCE.  Most of the teachers are trained by FCE; they receive no salaries, and have no medical or pension funds. The teachers have to get by with very little and depend on donations for stationery and books.  The children come from dysfunctional homes and the teachers need to address their emotional and spiritual needs.  Another 250 children are involved in child stimulation programmes preparing them for school.  The Koti ni Eden School is also used to train the parents.  Men are trained in agriculture, brick-making, thatching, building and carpentry.  Women are trained in primary health care. cookery and sewing.  Adult literacy is also presented to both men and women.  This is the hearthrob of FCE's work where we believe we are educating a new generation for Christ.  These children are the adults and leaders of tomorrow. 

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Jesus Christ making disciples through us, by building a highway of holiness through education and training.

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