1.  Fasting Days

The first Sunday of each month FCE gathers at the different training centres to...

- communicate with God

- focus on the Lord and not on our needs

- allow God to direct us

- come back to the basics

- to show the Lord that He is more important than our family time, programmes, food et.

- humble ourselves before the Lord

- seek the Lord

- be utterly dependant on the Lord

- be open and broken before the Lord

- bond with each other


2.  Weekly Prayer Events

Sunday evenings: Sunday evenings we gather to pray specifically for the training centres.

Early mornings:  Staff get together in the different departments and pray for the day ahead.

Prayer walks:  Staff and students go on prayer walks in ther vicinity as the Spirit leads and the need arises to pray on sight with insight.

Prayer Supporters:  FCE prays daily for the marriages, the children, the business, farms, the needs etc of our prayer supporters.

Praise and Worship on Thursday mornings where we make a joyful noise unto the Lord and dance before our King.


Jesus Christ making disciples through us, by building a highway of holiness through education and training.

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8 July - 24 August | Wolseley, South Africa

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