Our Vision

Jesus Christ, Making Disciples through Us

By building a Highway of Holiness through Education and Training

Making disciples of all nations.

Making disciples of all nations.


Since 1990, the Foundation of Cross-cultural Education has been involved in training Christ-centred, missions-minded professionals in the sphere of education and training.

Models of Excellence

Africa is in desperate need of solutions that will work in the African contexts. To this end, FCE has established training centres in sub-Saharan Africa with the aim of developing and testing models of holistic, Christ-centred development.

These training centres include models of:

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Primary education

  • Agriculture/Food Security

  • Community Development

  • Hospitality

Be transformed through the renewing of your mind...
— Paul, Romans 12:2

Training lives to change lives

With a unique emphasis on discipleship and leadership, FCE’s training seeks to develop each student as a whole person. Character training is integrated with professional skills training through an emphasis on transformation and renewal of the mind (Romans 12: 1-2). With over a dozen nations represented, FCE’s international character adds another layer of life-changing richness to the learning experience.

FCE staff, who all work without receiving a salary, are committed to the vision of Jesus Christ, working through them to make disciples and see families and communities transformed by Christ’s power.

Individuals looking to study with FCE should have a clear desire to pursue missions through their current or future vocation.